A quick note ...

Studio hours to start on the skinny hour of the day ...

Monday 11h00 - 5h00
Tuesday 11h00-5h00
Wednesday 11h00-8h00
Thursday 11h00-5h00
Friday and Saturday ... maybe
Sunday 11h00-1h00

Of course by appointment if none of those times are convenient for you ... just let me know!

See you when I see you!

As if straight from an oracle!

I love the daily readings from Seth Godin's newsletter that land in my inbox ... promptly ... daily ... without fail! Shall be patient with myself to reach that same consistency!

Take a moment to read the reminder to oneself!

Is patience a skill? 

Of course it is. You can learn to be more patient.

What about good judgment and maturity?

Yes, also skills.

THANK YOU Seth Godin!


Good morning Wednesday ...

... and the word of the day completes the title of my new adventure ... The Making JOURNEY!

Will you come along?

What will you pack?

What will you make?

THE MAKING JOURNEY is right here ... come take a peek!

I am looking forward to sharing the unveiling of this with you as the month of August unfolds upon us!