Time flies ... when you are having fun ...

... and so it does regardless ... yet there have been additions to the field notes folder ... a whole bunch of them for your knitting enlightenment mostly. There is one with the crochet insights for the blanket made of mini skeins (leftovers would be fantastic too!) and the plan is for more to come.

If there's something you would like to see or ask in that regard ... feel free ... ttfn ... under the strawberry moon!

Field Notes get their own place ...

It's about high time things evolve a bit ... getting on with it and creating a place to tuck the field notes in ... all in one place ... wherever else they are scattered ... but findable.

So for starters ... let's put the latest one up!

 Click on the picture to download the pdf file for your knitting enlightenment.

Click on the picture to download the pdf file for your knitting enlightenment.

Guess what ... staying in ...

... my pj's all day long ... working from home ... because the weather outside is frightful ... snow ... wind ... cold ... crazy winter weather ... poking my head out tomorrow again to see what that day will hold. Have knitting ... can be reached for knitting or mending emergencies from afar! Stay warm and cozy wherever this finds you. TTFN.

Hello 2018 ...

Let's not mention it ... it had been a year plus that I had not put an entry to these pages ... and we are about to change that this year!

Changes will be afoot and new things coming up ... stay a bit ... stop by at the studio ... send a note ... can't wait to see how things unfold.

In the meantime just a little dusting and housekeeping to bring us up to date!

Bring on 2018!

A quick note ...

Studio hours to start on the skinny hour of the day ...

Monday 11h00 - 5h00
Tuesday 11h00-5h00
Wednesday 11h00-8h00
Thursday 11h00-5h00
Friday and Saturday ... maybe
Sunday 11h00-1h00

Of course by appointment if none of those times are convenient for you ... just let me know!

See you when I see you!