13 things tuesday

  1. How time flies and all the good intentions seem to have flown away with the cold arctic air that has swept over us!
  2. Soup for supper Monday … yesterday it was a hearty Gulaschsuppe … German by tradition, Hungarian by origin, homemade and delicious here.
  3. Alas in German … I’ll gladly translate if you wish to make it.
  4. Keeping up with the blogposts and what not sometimes falls a spot or two on the priority list … I apologize.
  5. Tuesday knitting tricks … today I’ll serve up the slip knot … does yours pull from the tail or from the skein?
  6. It should pull from the tail!
  7. Why?
  8. Because you want to be able to pull it tight whether knitting or crocheting once you have worked over it. That can’t happen if it tightens from the skein.
  9. I have posted all five colorways of the Lilou Loop on the projects page on ravelry … take a peek here!
  10. Must hook up the Matilda’s Chicken-wire scarf in four more colors for show and tell.
  11. Ribbons have been ironed, Boxy No.2 has been worked on, lists have been made, yarn has been wound, Vitamin D cardigans are being corrected and worked on, the dog has not been walked (see item no.1 above).
  12. Yet new year’s resolutions are being kept!
  13. I will not buy any yarn in 2013 … a tall order … but the stash beckons!