Simple + beautiful = priceless!

And that's how January is wrapping up for now. Looking back over the month there have been very good things happening! The LOLITA sweater pattern is up on ravelry albeit a bit undiscovered still. More work to be done to make it visible and knitted by many more. I also discovered the joy of knitting with some of the Miss Babs yarns and am very smitten with the YOWZA. The MUFFIN hat, the BIG BAD BABY BLANKET and just now on the needle a quick rework of the STELLA pinwheel blanket. There was the COOPER cowl in the Miss Babs SOJOURN and yet to be shown a finished BESPOKEN cardigan for Dad's birthday this week. Coming up is a pair of fingerless mittens with multiple yarn choices and a one skein hat, then a baby bonnet, and the long awaited LOLA sweater. Busy busy as you can see and I want to say a few more tricks up my sleeve ... No more than that though lest I jinx it all. 

Be well ... Do good work ... And keep in touch!