Read between the rows ... 3/2015

Indeed I might not label all the posts in numerical order like this. I watched the Julie and Julia movie again on Monday night and am inspired to stick with a daily imposed activity. Something to get things unstuck and moving forward.

What I wish to accomplish with the read between the rows posts is some more insight and openness about what is out in knitting patterns and what choices one ought to make for a successful outcome of a project.

The ravelry community has grown immensely and there is so much information to be gleaned from its pages. I realize that some things cannot be changed or my comments won't be known or read ... but it was time to put the "pen to paper" and start somewhere with a running commentary on shining a light to what is well done or not so well done ... to open eyes to consider an approach that makes each finished project useful + practical + beautiful = priceless!

Most people put a lot of time and effort into a project and it ought to be beautiful + useful + practical = priceless!

Consider the project you are making ... might it be ... is it ... did it turn out to be ... practical + beautiful + useful = priceless!