Before the day is over and the weekend rolls in ...

Yes ... there's thinking and no making happening behind the scenes ... things taking shape and more reading between the rows and lines to sort out the chatter and focus on what matters.

So what's on your knitting needles ... on the crochet hook ... what are you making ... what are you finishing ... what was a good idea and how did you sort it out?!

For myself I know I am trying to find a better and positive approach to focusing on projects that work ... shed a light on what might not be such a good idea and why ... and hopefully helping you sort out a way to successfully accomplish your projects and know that they make you happy.

Our time is precious ... there's enough trying of patience when making that what does get chosen and made ought to be satisfying.

simple + beautiful = priceless

P.S. ... deciding what pie to bake tomorrow ... and scurrying for this one and that one who has a birthday before the weekend is over!!!