Field notes ...

Fieldnotes refer to various notes recorded by scientists during or after their observation of a specific phenomenon they are studying. Fieldnotes are particularly valued in descriptive sciences such as ethnographybiologygeology, and archaeology, each of which have long traditions in this area.

The above description given on wikipedia ...

What will it mean here "chez nous" ... a new format of information ... knitting field notes that give you the lowdown behind the scenes insights and commentary you wish you had heard before you started a project. Indeed highly biased and opinionated because of my experience ... but altogether valuable because it might  lead you to more successfully completed projects that make you happy.

I have long debated with myself if this sort of thing should be written about knitting projects, patterns and instructions and concluded that it might as well be done ... get it out there and it might be of use, insightful and helpful.

I have put out two updates so far and if you own the LOLA sweater pattern or the DIEZEL Seedie Ribbie Beanie pattern you will have received the respective field notes.

The series will continue to grow including free downloads and new original patterns.