When it's already Tuesday ...

Realizing that the daily posts are not quite happening ... but here we are ... with a trio of washcloths knit from Rowan handknit cotton found in the stash!

The inspiration came from the post on the Purlsoho site about their new cotton ... wasn't going to wait to get some and had perfectly useful yarn in the stash ... so cast on I did.

The first one (from left to right) ... cast on 41 sts with a US#6/4.0mm needle and the Rowan handknit cotton and used the whole 93 yards of the skein. 7x13"

The second one wasn't going to be exactly the same ... I was fascinated by the slip stitch pattern on garter stitch ... it is almost not noticeable on one side and has pretty slipped bars on the other. Alternating the stitches made it oh so pretty with a bit of a honeycomb mesh on one side and what looks like plain garter stitches on the other. When you stretch the fabric though it is a very nice and tight mesh! I cast on 45 sts for this one. 7.5x13"

Last but not least ... k3, slip one on the WS ... knit across on the RS ... keep the edge stitches as the first one! For this one 43 sts cast on. 8x14"

I washed and dried them all and they are soft and sturdy all in one!