And then Wednesday rolled around ...

  • Stella's pelican kong toys had surgery ... had to fix the wing holes and a ripped beak!
  • One more to go ... but that one is reconstructive surgery! Needs a hole new beak and pouch!
  • Cast on some Billie Jean yarn ... oh my ... Wool and the Gang recycled denim and cotton ... for a summer top.
  • Pleasantly surprised at the delightful format of their instructions ... though eagle eyes found at least one edit! Those in the know will laugh!
  • Figured out short rows for a LOLA sweater for one ...
  • Seamed up sleeves of a CAMPSIDE for another ...
  • Delivered a LOLA tunic for someone who has utter fear of short rows!
  • And well ... sported my finished MAGGIE dress for some photos.
  • All in al a fine day!