None of what should happen did happen

All the best intentions for regular blog posts, comments, inspiration, this and that falling by the wayside. I don’t know why that happens other than I let it happen. Things get in the way, it’s this and that. Not an excuse, but a note to pop up for air and decide to move on with the daily to do list and best of intentions.

There was a good book on the bedside table … “Yes, chef” by Marcus Samuelsson … “Blue nights” by Joan Didion … a little yoga book from the library that spun me right around again that my Iyengar practice albeit only once a week is exactly what I should focus on … a lovely sewing book “Sewing Basics” by Sandra Bardwell … Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing by Gretchen Hirsch (haven’t gotten to that one yet) … and the finished alas almost finished fisherman’s tunic from the Merchant & Mills “Sewing Book” out of a charcoal grey with polka dots flannel from Nani Iro which just needs some hand stitching to finish it up perfectly polished.

So you see … it was this and that and the other … and a sniffly nose that got the better of me for a day or two. TTFN … be well … do good work … and keep in touch!