Tuesday knitting tips

Ask and you shall receive. That’s what happens. I was in “desperate” search of two patterns from an out of print Rowan Denim book that I could have sworn was in my library, not so. I had asked high and low and even had a very immediate reply that a copy of the desired patterns would be forwarded if I mentioned which one … long story short that didn’t happen.

So … I got a message through to the Yorkshire Dales … the peoples at ROWAN themselves and what do you know … I got both copies in an email less than 24 hours after my request.

I say BRILLIANT! And a huge thanks to Claire at ROWAN who replied to my QUERY … I love how that sounds!

Now on to counting skeins of ROWAN denim to see what I can make.

P.S. … it was Fleet and Sunday Best that had struck my fancy!!!